Insomnia Changelog

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Insomnia v3.6.7 Release

Version 3.6.7 is here!

  • New option to download responses in the response preview dropdown
  • Better handling of ENETUNREACH error
  • Minor tweaks an fixes for the cloud sync beta
  • Synced workspaces no longer default to automatic mode
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Insomnia v3.6.6 Release

There is now a setting to enable the cloud sync beta features! Give them a try and let me know what you think!
  • Added support for responses that return images
  • Fixed some minor edge cases thanks to better error reporting in the last update
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Insomnia v3.6.4 Release

Version 3.6.4 is here!

  • Fixed problem where editing environment name would overwrite changes
  • Added PURGE and FIND custom HTTP methods
  • New setting to force stacked layout
  • Prefer IPv6 addresses and fallback to IPv4 on failure (same behaviour as curl)
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Insomnia v3.6.2 Release

Version 3.6.2 is here!

  • Loading spinner no longer gets stuck when quitting the app mid-request
  • Updates for the Insomnia Plus beta
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Insomnia v3.6.0 Release

This update includes a few small fixes, and many under-the-hood changes to prepare for the upcoming cloud sync beta. If you would like to participate, send me an email at [email protected]
  • Fixed scrolling bug for form encoded request bodies
  • Fixed rare case where cursor would jump to the end of the URL
  • The show passwords setting no longer requires an app restart
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Version 3.5.13 is here!

  • Some improvements for URL pathname encoding
  • Setting to disable following redirects now works again
  • Update code generation for Swift 3
  • Prevent window from being placed outside viewable desktop on launch
  • Updates no longer prompt the user, but show an unobtrusive notification instead
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Version 3.5.12 is here!

  • Fixed certain connection problems related to HTTP keep-alive
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Version 3.5.11 is here!

  • Reworded some error messages
  • Made cookie parsing less strict (closer to web browser behaviour)
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Version 3.5.10 is here!

  • Syntax checking in editor now works again
  • Better handling of malformed cookies
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Insomnia v3.5.7 Release

Version 3.5.7 is here!

  • Fix for cookies not being saved sometimes
  • Fix for environment editor line numbers background
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