Insomnia Changelog

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Version 5.4.0 is here!

  • Support for unix domain sockets using URL format http://unix:SOCKET:PATH
  • Dedicated Description tab for request documentation
  • Wildcards now supported in client certificate host
  • Prevent opening links multiple times in description preview
  • Fixed Content-Length not being sent with initial NTLM authorization request
  • Fixed client certificate toggling not working
  • Dropdowns within tabs now only open if tab is already active
  • Tab lists now scrolls horizontally when too long
  • Markdown description style improvements
  • Vastly improved dropdown positioning algorithm
  • Add back ability to change text editor keymap to Sublime Text
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Version 5.3.6 is here!

  • Improve cookie handling with redirects
  • Fixed workspace duplication active environment bug
  • Fixed status tag in response history showing ERROR for responses with no HTTP Reason
  • Fixed autocomplete constants filling with undefined
  • Added option to use custom date format with Timestamp tag
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Version 5.3.3 is here!

  • Can now sort requests and folders together in sidebar
  • Fix Markdown description editor height from last update
  • Much more robust handling when sorting nested sidebar items
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Version 5.3.0 is here!

  • Multi-line text values now supported in form data editors
  • New template tag to reference cookie values
  • Request snapshot now stored and recovered with response history
  • Previous response filters are now persisted
  • More robust JSON formatting on content containing escaped characters
  • Fix stale requests sometimes being sent soon after editing URL
  • Query preview view now scrolls when too long
  • Can now send requests with cmdOrCtr+R or F5 keys
  • Added ability to delete custom HTTP methods
  • Added ability to delete current response
  • Markdown descriptions now sanitize HTML input
  • Markdown descriptions now selectable
  • Postman imports now included description field
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Version 5.2.0 is here!

  • Ability to document requests and workspaces using Markdown
  • Added Bearer authentication helper
  • Added setting to whitelist hostnames from proxy setting
  • Ability to duplicate workspace
  • Fixed Client Credentials setting in OAuth form not changing
  • Other minor UI fixes
  • Setting to disable analytics tracking
  • URL preview copy button
  • Experimental plugin support (still undocumented)
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Version 5.1.1 is here!

  • Environment editor now warns about invalid variable names and errors
  • Fix right-click context menu staying open
  • No longer error when response contains invalid cookie
  • Always include equals sign in x-www-form-urlencoded bodies when value is empty
  • OAuth now uses a password field for password credentials
  • OAuth authorization window session is now cleared on app launch
  • Now show folder as prefix when selecting requests for Response Value tag
  • More appropriate size for app icon
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Version 5.1.0 is here!

  • New option to auto-hide menubar on Windows and Linux!
  • New template tag to reference values from other responses
  • More friendly Template Tag editor
  • Ability to save full HTTP response to file, including headers
  • Fix cookie handling for localhost domains
  • Better handle of JSON when root is a String
  • File selector no longer clears file on Cancel
  • Many more fixes fixes
  • Data exports now have friendlier names
  • Unreferenced template tags are longer rendered
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Version 5.0.20 is here!

  • Behind-the-scenes update for new auto-update server
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Version 5.0.12 is here!

  • Better handling of Windows line endings
  • Fixed importing curl commands containing question marks
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Add ability to import from URL
  • Made theme more compact
  • Performance improvements
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Version 5.0.10 is here!

  • Fixed automatic gzip decoding of responses if Accept header set manually
  • Correctly handle ISO-8859-1 responses
  • Prevent showing autocomplete if input loses focus
  • Now send correct grant type during OAuth 2.0 token refresh
  • OAuth 2.0 now shows when token expires
  • Prevent request from sending twice sometimes via keyboard shortcut
  • No longer fail when HEAD requests return body
  • Improved autocompletion suggestion of URLs
  • Leave Content-Type header in place when switching body type to Other
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