Latest changes and updates to Insomnia

Oct 27, 20212021.6.0

Dark Colorblind Theme

About 8% of the population is red/green colorblind. We wanted to create more color accessibility for users. So we built a core theme that uses blue and yellow as primary colors. To use the Dark Colorblind theme, go to Preferences > Themes

GraphQL Schema Search

Last release, we added support for loading local GraphQL schemas. This time around, we’ve added GraphQL search, which allows you to easily navigate your schema documentation while making requests. 

Inso CLI Single Executable

Want to run the Inso CLI as a single executable? You can now download and run a single executable on MacOS, Windows, or Linux.

Please report any bugs you may find using the issue tracker! 🤗

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some response history items could not be activated
  • Fixed a bug where some irregular characters would break the GraphQL editor
  • Fixed a bug with clicking links embedded within XML
  • Fixed a bug where the keyboard binding for “Show Autocomplete” could not be changed
  • Fixed a bug where the XPath filter didn’t support the `/text()` node
  • Fixed a regression where environment order did not persist
  • Fixed a bug where dropdown searching could crash the app in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug where text on dashboard cards could overflow
  • Fixed a bug where elements behind a modal could be interacted with in certain cases

Additions and Other Improvements

  • Improved insomnia-plugin-default-headers to remove headers by setting the value to null
  • Added search to the GraphQL Schema viewer
  • Added an option in preferences to disable certificate validation in OAuth 2 auth windows
  • Improved the auto-complete dropdown to hide undefined values
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to beautify text
  • Updated the GraphQL formatter to use Prettier
  • Added an option to the response preview dropdown to copy the raw response to the clipboard
  • Improved visibility of the drag pane when viewed vertically
  • Improved the client certificate view with more detailed information
  • Improved the environment variable key validation to also check nested keys
  • Updated the Deploy to Portal to honor SSL validation preference
  • Added an option to the response preview dropdown to export as HAR
  • Improved error handling with git operations
  • Added support for configuring Insomnia via a configuration file
  • Added an option to disable background network requests (Preferences > General > Network Activity > Incognito Mode)


  • Added a Dark Colorblind theme
  • Improved how Swagger UI connects to Insomnia themes

Plugin API

Inso CLI

Included as of insomnia-inso v2.4.0

  • The Inso CLI is now available as a single executable
  • Added the ability for Inso CLI to use an Insomnia export file as a data source
  • Added a `--src` option to specify a data source
  • Deprecated the `--app-data-dir` option, replaced by `--src`
  • Default unit testing timeout has been increased to 60 seconds

OpenAPI to Kong configuration

Included as of openapi-2-kong v2.4.0

These updates to the OpenAPI to Kong configuration library are available both with the Inso CLI and the Insomnia app.

Kong Declarative Configuration

  • Generated route path regex now allows for whitespace #4029
  • Upstream names are now appended with `.upstream` #4099

Thank you!

A huge shout out to the community members who contributed to this release of Insomnia!

Sep 13, 20212021.5.3

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a regression where some users couldn’t install the app in Linux
Aug 31, 20212021.5.2

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a regression in the Plugin API where consecutive prompts did not show (``)
  • Fixed a regression on Windows and Linux devices where the menu bar did not hide with the setting enabled
Aug 30, 20212021.5.1

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a regression where Insomnia Sync was disabled for some users
Aug 25, 20212021.5.0

Introducing Projects!

Projects are a way to group your request collections and design documents. It builds on top of the existing Insomnia Sync functionality but also allows for local projects without sync enabled. On updating to this release any Request Collections you had previously pulled into Insomnia from Insomnia Sync, will be moved into the dashboard of that Project.

Read the blog post and documentation for more details about Projects!

UX improvements

Among several other UX improvements such as the visibility of the Send button and sorting cards on the dashboard, with this release we made it easier to select your light/dark theme when your Insomnia color scheme is synchronized with your OS color scheme.

Please report any bugs you may find using the issue tracker! 🤗


Included as of insomnia-inso v2.3.1

  • Added a `--disableCertValidation` option to disable SSL certificate validation when running request through unit tests using `inso run test`

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a vulnerability with HTML in markdown preview (Thanks to Tobias Fink for reporting this!)
  • Fixed a vulnerability preventing remote code execution of node/system programs (Thanks to Tobias Fink for reporting this!)
  • Fixed a vulnerability to prevent clickjacking on the Insomnia website (Thanks to Hassan Abbas Wadiwala for reporting this!)
  • Fixed an issue where cloning a workspace from git sometimes failed to enable sync on the cloned workspace
  • Fixed an issue where sub-environments did not work with gRPC requests
  • Fixed the GraphQL editor auto-complete dropdown to stop randomly switching to the first item

Additions and Other Improvements

  • Added folder settings and the ability to add a description
  • Improved OpenAPI spec linting
  • Improved the response timer so that the text does not jump around as the time increases
  • Improved light/dark mode theme selection when using the OS color scheme
  • Added support for loading a local GraphQL schema
  • Added text/plain request body type
  • Added support for Plain code challenge method in OAuth 2.0 with PKCE
  • Updated OAuth 2.0 to persist refresh token from a client credentials request (details)
  • Added support to sort cards on the dashboard
  • Added support for Origin header with OAuth 2.0 authentication (under Advanced Options)

Thank you!

A huge shout out to the community members who contributed to this release of Insomnia!

Jul 7, 20212021.4.1

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a regression where exporting a single workspace or all workspaces would result in a blank file
  • Fixed a regression where choosing to not export private environments would fail to export
Jun 29, 20212021.4.0

Hello, TypeScript! 🥳

The Insomnia codebase has been around for ~5 years now, and over time has gone through several iterations as JavaScript patterns evolved. In the most recent major iteration, we migrated a large majority of the codebase from Flow to TypeScript! There are countless benefits for having a codebase in TypeScript but the undertaking is huge, so the aim was to migrate like-for-like, to reduce the risk of introducing bugs.

This stable release of Insomnia marks the first release after the codebase was migrated to TypeScript, and contains several other improvements and fixes.

Please report any bugs you may find using the issue tracker! 🤗


Included as of insomnia-inso v2.3.0

  • Added a `--tags` option to specify tags when generating configuration files using `inso generate config`

OpenAPI to Kong

These updates to the OpenAPI to Kong configuration library are available both with the Inso CLI and in the Insomnia app.

Kong for Kubernetes

  • Improved the TLS configuration

Kong Declarative Configuration

  • “x-kong-plugin” tags will retain the plugin config and the “enabled” flag as specified in the OpenAPI specification
  • All generated Kong entities now have tags applied

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a vulnerability due to an insecure call through electron (Thanks to Tobias Fink for reporting this!)
  • Fixed a vulnerability where the insomnia:// protocol could import from a spoof uri - now the uri will always be shown to the user (Thanks to Adam Baldwin for reporting this!)
  • Fixed a bug where proto directories for gRPC could not be selected on Linux
  • Fixed the dollar sign not correctly handled in URIs

Additions and Other Improvements

  • Improved the OpenAPI spec preview code font color
  • Added the ability to switch sub-environments from inside the manage environments modal
  • Added a theme preview tile when selecting light/dark OS color scheme themes
  • Improved the visibility of the “Send” button
  • Improved request chaining such to allow for chaining more than one request
  • Added a response time to the api response provided to unit tests
  • Added a tooltip to help configure Vim keybinds correctly on macOS

Thank you!

A huge shout out to the community members who contributed to this release of Insomnia!

Apr 28, 20212021.3.0

OpenAPI to Kong configuration

As users build APIOps pipelines using Insomnia, Inso and Kong, the need for improvements to the OpenAPI-2-Kong config generation became evident. As such, this release includes the following improvements (which are available within Insomnia, and also through the Insomnia CLI, Inso).

Kong Declarative Configuration

  • Added support to specify a `style` property for query parameters (preset depending on the parameter type) #3327
  • Fixed the path parameter regex to only match one segment #3298
  • Added support for the request validator plugin to respect user defined properties and generate missing ones #3283
  • Added support for plugins defined at the document root, path, or operation levels #3293
  • Added tags to generated targets, similar to services #3320
  • Fixed a bug where generated operation ids could be illegal or have collisions #3318
  • Improved the generated service to have the service URL broken down into its parts to allow for improved diff and sync efficiency #3314
  • Fixed a bug where a server specified as a path only would result in an invalid upstream target #3314
  • Fixed a bug where the service was using the actual hostname instead of the upstream name #3314
  • Improved plugin generation logic to include tags from various sources #3328
  • Added support for x-kong-{route, upstream, service}-defaults keys in the OpenAPI spec #3273
  • Changed behavior such that strip_path is set to false by default on generated routes #3273

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed analytics tracking to honor analytics preferences (and added a one-time prompt for users to revise this preference)
  • Fixed the initial startup background color to a dark preset

Additions and Other Improvements

  • Added support for various Git URL formats (SSH/SCP/HTTPS) with or without a .git suffix
  • Improved Git clone behavior when working with existing repositories
  • Added support for an identity token in the OAuth2 authentication flow

Plugin API changes

  • Add a method to access all response headers (`context.response.getHeaders`)

Thank you!

A huge shout out to the community members who contributed to this release of Insomnia!

Please request features or report bugs you may find using the issue tracker! 🤗

Mar 30, 20212021.2.2

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling unit tests and test results didn’t work
  • Fixed an issue where OpenAPI server hosts containing variables didn’t translate correctly to Kong Declarative Config targets

Additions and Other Improvements

  • Improved cards on the dashboard to display a more accurate last changed timestamp
  • Improved error messaging when connecting to the Kong Portal
  • Improved loading state when setting up Sync on a Collection
Mar 24, 20212021.2.1

This patch addresses a regression found in 2021.2.0 where users were unable to make requests against localhost on certain platforms like Windows and through local DNS servers across all platforms.

Once discovered we removed 2021.2.0 from the auto-update list and began our investigation. Through investigation we found the source of the regression was an update made to node-libcurl and worked with the maintainer to get a new build that resolves the issue.

We would like to give huge thank you to JCMais the maintainer of node-libcurl for being so helpful and working with us quickly to get out a build for this release. ❤️

Mar 23, 20212021.2.0

MacOS Big Sur Improvements

To address issues surrounding the recent macOS Big Sur release we have upgraded Electron to 9.3.5. 

This change provides increased performance, reduction of graphical artifacts, properly rounded corners on macOS Big Sur and Partial support for M1 (running under Rosetta 2).

Select theme based on System Preferences

With this release users can now select specific themes to be used based on your System Preferences. 

Users can enable this setting by navigating to Application Preferences > Themes > Scroll to bottom and enable "Use OS color scheme". 

Additions and Other Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where saving a binary response to file wouldn’t unlock the file
  • Fixed an issue where template tags didn’t work in the basic auth password field 

Thank you!

Last but not least, a huge shoutout to everyone who contributed to this release of Insomnia!

Mar 10, 20212021.1.1

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed issue where saving numeric Preferences would not work
  • Fixed issue where migrating Insomnia Designer plugins when a .DS_Store file was present would error

Additions and Other Improvements

  • Improved document creation to automatically navigate to document on creation
  • Improved the dashboard so that documents are ordered by most recently modified
Mar 3, 20212021.1.0

Single Application

Based on user feedback, usage observations, and internal discussion, we've merged Insomnia Designer and Insomnia Core. Following the Insomnia 2021.1 release there will no longer be an Insomnia Core or Insomnia Designer, only Insomnia.

When you start Insomnia users will be presented with the Dashboard, a new way to manage Design Documents and Request Collections (previously named workspaces). 

Once inside a Request Collection, Insomnia users will feel very much at home, while there are some changes, we tried to keep them to a minimum to retain the simplicity of Insomnia that we all enjoy.

If you were a user of Insomnia Designer you will be presented with a data migration flow asking you what data you would like to migrate. 

If you decide to skip the migration, you can always re-open the data migration flow through Application Preferences > General >  Migrate from Designer.

The Version Control Sync menu and button can now be found in the top right corner of the application header:

The remote pull menu has also been moved to the dashboard next to the create menu and is visible once logged in:

As a part of the merge, we have also bundled the Kong Plugin Bundle as a core plugin. Users familiar with Designer can now find their plugin actions under the document dropdown as seen below, this change was done to reduce header clutter and allow for future actions.

Improved protofile support

The Select Proto File dialog now supports multi-file and directory import for .proto files for GRPC requests.

Template tag support for gRPC

You can now use template tags for gRPC hosts and bodies.

Portable application support for Windows

Windows users now have the option to install Insomnia as a portable application, the portable binary can be found on the Insomnia Github releases page.

Automatic request collection generation improvements

We've made several updates to how we handle automatic generation of request collections to preserve user data while switching between the design and debug activities based on both user feedback and direct user input.

Now while switching between design and debug within a design document, changes from the specification to the request collection are now additive only, meaning that existing values and modifications to requests will not be overwritten.

In addition to preserving user data while switching between Design and Debug, the selected environment is also preserved.

Note: During QA, we identified a known issue where if you add an element in-between array elements inside of the specification and switch to the debug activity the element added will inherit the values of the array element that it took the place of. For now users can work around this issue by adding new elements to the end of the array.

Breaking changes

This release also contains the following breaking changes.

Legacy sync has been deprecated

With the release of Insomnia 2021.1, Legacy Sync has been deprecated in favor of version control which has been promoted to stable. Read more here.

Cloning repositories now requires a .git suffix

With this release to better support other platforms and workflows such as Azure DevOps cloning repositories now requires explicitly having the .git suffix.

Existing settings and repositories should not be affected by this change.

CLI - Default application directory has changed

With the merge of Insomnia Core and Insomnia Designer, the Insomnia CLI now looks at the Insomnia application data directory by default.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an edge case where the auto-complete dropdown would not close
  • Fixed issue where resizing gRPC requests would cause scaling issues
  • Fixed issue where generating JSON from OpenAPI caused an infinite loop
  • Fixed issue where GraphQL explorer text was not selectable
  • Fixed issue where file inputs where not handled properly when copying multipart requests as cURL
  • Fixed issue where generating cURL was broken due to missing cookie expiry field and value

Additions and Other Improvements

Insomnia Application

  • Updated the SSL trust store
  • Added RPC type acronyms to method selector for gRPC requests
  • Added loading state when committing changes with Git Sync
  • Added the ability to resize design and unit testing panes
  • Added support for actions in template tag plugins
  • Added ability to clear values in the prompt tag
  • Added ability to clear the OAuth2 session under advanced options field
  • Added YAML linting support for Request Collections
  • Added ability to reveal passwords inline
  • Added end markers to end of route paths when generating Kong declarative configuration
  • Improved sorting for the GraphQL explorer, items are now sorted alphabetically
  • Improved handling of plugin installation warnings
  • Improved ordering of requests in template tags, they now follow the sidebar sorting order
  • Improved experience when importing GraphQL cURL command
  • Improved experience when changing font size
  • Improved Kong declarative config generation to prefer OpenAPI operationId over generated values.
  • Changed it so that the last imported URL is now cached

Insomnia CLI (Inso)

  • Added support for linting specification files

Thank You

Last but not least, a huge shoutout to everyone who contributed to this release of Insomnia!

Dec 9, 20202020.5.2

Minor Update

  • Updated metrics counters for requests
Dec 4, 20202020.5.1

Minor Update

  • OAuth 2 PKCE can now be enabled
Dec 2, 20202020.5.0

Major Update

Oct 26, 20202020.4.2
  • Save application logs to disk