Introducing Projects

Insomnia now supports Projects: a new tool within Insomnia for you to organize your work. Projects are a grouping of API Collections and Design Documents that you can create locally or remotely to share with your teams.

Many of us work on several projects at once, often with different groups of people. For example, I have projects for a personal project I’m working on, the Kong Konnect APIs that are shared with my company, and a Local Project I use for anything I’m debugging temporarily. Projects will allow you to organize and share your work to keep you focused and productive. To learn more about how to use Projects, check out our documentation.

What’s next?

In this first phase, we’ve added Projects as a first-class entity in our data model. Going forward, we’ll be adding more functionality around Projects to help you collaborate and work even more effectively. Some of the things we’re thinking about include:

  • Control of permissions like view/edit for Projects
  • Simpler sync processes for Projects
  • Easier sharing of Projects with your teams

Let us know what you think in GitHub Discussions or Slack.

Written by
Wils Dawson
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