Predictable pricing, no surprises, from individual developers to large organizations

  • Monthly
  • Annual (Save 15%)


$0 per user/month

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  • Core API designing, debugging and collaboration
  • Unlimited collaborators for 1 project
  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE)
  • 1,000 free mock requests, then $10/25,000 reqs


$5 per user/month

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Everything in Free, plus:

  • Can invite collaborators when having 1+ projects
  • 10,000 free mock requests, then $10/25,000 reqs


$12 per user/month

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Everything in Individual, plus:

  • Unlimited organizations
  • Native Git support
  • RBAC and permissions
  • 10,000 free mock requests, then $10/25,000 reqs


$45 per user/month, billed annually

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Everything in Team, plus:

  • Enterprise SSO (SAML, OIDC)
  • Storage control to mandate Cloud, Local or Git
  • Self-hosted API mocking
  • Enterprise support
  • Kong Professional Services
  • Custom payment options
  • Unlimited mock requests

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Start with a hobby project and scale to full-lifecycle API productivity

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API Debugging

Scratch Pad
REST Client
GRPC Client
GraphQL Client
SOAP Client
WebSocket Client
SSE Client
Pre-request scripting

API Design

Design Specs
API Spec Editor
Live Preview
OpenAPI Linting

API Testing

Test Writing
Automated API Testing in CLI
JavaScript API Testing
Test Suites

API Mocking

Mock creation
Mock collaboration
Self-hosted mock server
Mock usage
1,000 free requests then $10/25,000 reqs
10,000 free requests then $10/25,000 reqs
10,000 free requests then $10/25,000 reqs
Unlimited throttled at 50 reqs/user


Native Insomnia sync
Native Git Sync
Unlimited collaborators for 1 project
Per seat
Per seat
Per seat
Real-time collaboration

User Management

Invite collaborators
Manage RBAC on Organizations
Manage RBAC on Projects
Coming soon

Security & Governace

Organization security
Private Projects
End-to-end encryption (E2EE)
Enterprise RBAC
Enterprise SSO
SAML, OIDC and more
Social SSO
Enterprise Storage Control
Local-only + Git, Cloud-only, or both.

Support and Customer Success

Kong Customer Success
Kong Professional Services
Support Level


Payment options
Credit card only
Credit card only
Custom payment options
IndividualSign Up
EnterpriseContact Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which credit cards are accepted?

    Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards are accepted. All payments are processed and secured by Stripe.

  • Can I switch plans after subscribing?

    Yes, at any time. Upgrade differences will be billed immediately and downgrades will appear as a credit on the next invoice.

  • Can I add and remove team members?

    There is one team owner per license. The team owner can provide users on their team with admin permissions, and all admins have the ability to add or remove users from the team.

  • Is there a discount for subscribing annually?

    Yes, annual subscriptions include two free months of service per year, which is roughly a 15% discount.