Insomnia Core 7.0.6

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Major Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Fix white screen showing when creating new workspace
  • Fix GraphQL variable editor showing errors on initial load (#1822 by danielfrankcom)
  • Don't fail to import OpenAPI for relative server URLs
  • Hotkey to toggle sidebar is configurable again
  • Show error when fail to read multi-part files

Minor Tweaks

  • Display GraphQL label in sidebar for GraphQL requests
  • Prompt for new name when duplicating requests or folders
  • Add hover delay on tooltips in response history
  • Add ability to specify an empty Bearer token prefix for OAuth 2.0
  • Show right-click menu on sidebar
  • Format selection dialog during export now cancellable
  • Detect and add JSON content-type on imported requests if not present
  • Show Fixedsys Excelsior font in editor font selection
  • Add hotkey to quit app for Linux/Windows
  • Remove leading empty line in Timeline tab
Thanks to all 0 contributors 🎉👏