Insomnia Core 6.5.3

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Major Changes

  • Quickly switch between recent requests with ctrl+Tab
  • Show when response was sent in top-right and in Timeline

Bug Fixes

  • Fix inifinite loop sometimes when using Response Tag in environments
  • Keep OAuth 2.0 refresh token if a new one isn't provided
  • Quotes now supported in Response Tag filter
  • Drag and drop works again for empty folders
  • GraphQL documentation links now open in default browser
  • Body no longer loses focus shortly after changing body type
  • Code blocks in documentation Markdown now scroll on x axis
  • More reliable plugin installs via updated bundled Yarn
  • Prompt Tag using default values is now more reliable
  • Only create desktop icon during installation, not update

Minor Tweaks

  • Increased default autocomplete delay
  • Request switcher now sorts by last used
  • Increase NeDB corruption threshold
  • Add reference to create a Run In Insomnia button in export dialog
  • Better sync beta onboarding
Thanks to all 0 contributors 🎉👏