Insomnia Core 6.3.1

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Major Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Code generation works again
  • Prevent race condition where switching between GraphQL requests quickly would cause the request body to get overwritten
  • More robust positioning of dropdown menus when close to screen edge
  • Undo now works properly after GraphQL prettify
  • Handle edge case that caused some Swagger imports to not import all request (#1302 by thewheat)
  • Update GraphQL library dependencies to fix minor bugs
  • Code editor now displays a marker in the gutter for errors (had been broken for a long time)
  • Response preview tab now refreshes properly when the tab was not active (#1294 by rickychandra)
  • Prevent negative timeout values from being passed to libcurl and throwing an error

Minor Tweaks

Thanks to all 0 contributors 🎉👏