Insomnia Core 6.2.0

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Major Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Python Requests code generation query (#1200 by thewheat)
  • Ignore parameters entry when importing Swagger (#1197 by beardeddragon5)
  • Clear Content-Type header when selecting No Body (#1214 by thewheat)
  • Smarter GraphQL schema fetching, and ability to disable auto-fetching
  • Linux deb and AppImage now built on older 14.04 OS again
  • Prevent HTML injection in autocomplete menu
  • Whitespace before URL no longer breaks
  • Fix prompt plugin always prompting
  • Dropdown menus no longer get squished by small sidebar
  • Fix plugin installs when spaces exist in file path
  • Dollar symbol support for Curl command imports
  • Warn use when switching from Form to JSON request body

Minor Tweaks

Thanks to all 0 contributors 🎉👏