Insomnia Core 6.0.0-beta.1

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Major Changes

  • GraphQL queries now show reference documentation mouse hover
  • Environments are now sortable from within the Manage Environments dialog
  • Greatly improved (more strict) fuzzy search
  • GraphQL operationName now set based on cursor position (if multiple named queries exist) (#990 by bwlt)
  • Can now view GraphQL introspection request's response on failure
  • Colorschemes no longer restricted to premium users
  • New storage API added to plugin API to store/retrieve data

Bug Fixes

  • No longer specify multipart/form-data boundary when generating Curl requests
  • Curl code generation now respects URL encoding option (#979 by besolov)
  • Environment now works as expected when no active request is selected
  • The prompt template tag now only executes once per request
  • No longer fail to render when comment ('#}') is included in GraphQL query
  • Small fix related to same-variable-name environment merging

Minor Tweaks

  • Request template tag now has a new option to get the folder and name
  • GraphQL introspection query now specifies operationName property
  • New response.setBody API for plugin response hooks
  • ASAP Auth now default additionalClaims to empty object (#953 by gerrytan)
  • Now purge raw response bodies when responses are deleted from history
  • Added styling for ordered lists to markdown previews
  • Add audience parameter to implicit OAuth 2.0 grant type (#1009 by delianides)
  • Improvements to autocomplete when editing GraphQL variables
  • More token types supported for syntax highlighting of Markdown previews (docs)
  • Request switcher (Cmd+p) now sorts results by best match
  • GraphQL operationName now shown below query editor when set
  • Add button to clear current sidebar filter
Thanks to all 0 contributors 🎉👏