Insomnia Core 5.15.0

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Major Changes

  • New template tag for executing JSONPath queries on arbitrary strings. This is useful if you include stringified JSON in your environment or are using the file template tag.
  • Folders and requests can now be moved to different workspaces. This can be done via the folder's dropdown menu in the sidebar or in the request settings dialog.
  • Additional claims field now available on ASAP authentication (#822 by BCook98)
  • GraphQL schema fetches now share OAuth 2.0 tokens with parent request.

Bug Fixes

  • Request name and parent folder no longer reverted when selecting previous history item.
  • GraphQL introspection requests are no longer synced or exported.
  • Choosing an environment color no longer affects multiple environments (rare bug).
  • Form URLEncoded no longer forgets if the value type is set to multi-line.
  • No longer requires write permission when including files in multipart form data.
  • Backslashes inside template tags no longer break previews.
  • Escaped unicode sequences now show properly in environment editor.
  • Generated Curl commands now handle duplicate query parameter names.
  • CSV and multipart response viewers no longer show stale responses.
  • URLs in autocomplete results no longer prevent variables and tags from being shown.
  • Prompt template tag no longer uses stale values.

Minor Tweaks

  • Request hook plugins now executed for GraphQL introspection requests, code generation, and HAR export.
  • Ability to toggle OAuth 1/2 authentication on and off via checkbox.
  • Support Curl's --path-as-is flag. This can be toggled in the request settings dialog.
  • Region and service fields can now be explicitly set for AWS authentication.
  • Query parameter values can now be multi-line.
  • Key-value editors now have a delete-all option, available in new dropdown menu in bottom-left.
  • Verifier field can now be set for OAuth 1.0 authentication.
  • Response body now logged when OAuth 2.0 token fetches fail.
  • Authorization prefix label can now be specified when using Bearer authentication.
  • Ability to read/write query parameters added to plugin API. Thanks amree and luveti for the help!
  • Rename placeholder in header editor. (#820 by benatkin)
  • Upgrade Electron to include patch for webview security vulnerability.
  • Update Windows code signing certificate.
  • Plugin download errors are now handled and logged properly.
  • Plugin installs now work with custom .npmrc configs
  • Prompt template tag now has additional option to cache results
  • Behind-the-scenes refactor to get ready for fuzzy matching improvements. (#797 by axs221)
Thanks to all 0 contributors 🎉👏