Insomnia Core 5.14.6

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Major Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Fix GraphQL autocomplete in nested blocks
  • Fix code generation when multipart/form-data present
  • Attempt to fix certain network requests hanging
  • Fix body type changing automatically when content-type header updated
  • GraphQL queries now work with OAuth 2.0 requests
  • Base environment name no longer editable

Minor Tweaks

  • Support AWS multifactor auth (#730 by focusaurus)
  • Add audience field to OAuth 2.0 client credentials grant (#679 by narhen)
  • Add OpenID response type for OAuth 2.0 implicit grant (#681 by emdfonseca)
  • Support INSOMNIA_DISABLE_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES environment variable
  • Always show accurate HTTP status message (never default)
  • Plugin arguments can now define a validate function
  • Support XPath string results
  • Added enable/disable toggle to most authentication types
  • XPath queries no longer required to begin with forward slash
  • New template tag to prompt for user input
  • New OS template tag for accessing operating system values
  • getBodyText and setBodyText added to plugin API
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