Insomnia Core 5.0.1

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Major Changes

  • Contextual autocomplete for environments, URLs, header names/values, and more
  • All key-value editors are now sortable
  • Add OAuth 2.0, Digest, and NTLM authentication
  • New Timeline response tab that shows much more detail about the request
  • Environment variables and template tags now highlighted throughout the app
  • Replaced NodeJS networking backend with libcurl
  • Added per-request settings for controlling cookies, template rendering, and URL encoding
  • Proxy now supports Digest and NTLM auth types
  • Support for custom HTTP methods
  • App panes now resizable when in vertical layout
  • Many minor performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • No longer auto-encode equals sign in URL path
  • Cookies now stored on redirects
  • More reliable sort order after duplicating requests
  • Clicking on workspaces in request switcher now works again
  • More reliable querystring importing
  • Fixed drag-n-drop support within code editor
  • Headers editor now refreshed after changing body content-type

Minor Tweaks

  • Environment editor now respects line wrap setting
  • App now prompts to sync unrecognized workspaces instead of syncing without asking
  • Response view types have been reworked to behave more intuitively
  • Enable context (right-click) menu in response web view
  • Request body syntax highlighting recognizes more content-types
  • Better errors for render failures
  • HTTP proxy can now be toggled on and off
  • Tabs no longer lose state after switching
  • Update bracket match style in editor
  • Window title now reflects active workspace and request
  • Header names now trimmed of whitespace before sending
  • Add warning when environments exist, but none are selected
  • Better styling of numeric counters on tabs
  • Added tooltip help hints in various places
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