Insomnia Core 4.0.2

I'm happy to announce that version 4.0 is here! This marks the end of the five month beta period since launch. I would like to thank the over 400 people who I've talked to that helped make Insomnia great.

Puppy Surprise

Download for Desktop View on GitHub

Major Changes

  • Insomnia is now out of beta!
  • Multipart form support (with files)
  • Binary data support (file uploads)
  • Response history viewer
  • Support for importing Postman v2 and HTTP Archive (HAR) formats
  • All query parameters, headers, form data, and authentication items are now toggleable
  • New advanced sending options (hold CMD on Mac or Ctrl on Windows)
  • Huge performance improvements!!!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed nested folders not highlighting correctly sometimes
  • Requests are now activated after duplicating
  • Lots and lots of small fixes
  • Fixed various import bugs

Minor Tweaks

  • Much better support for cURL import format (past command into URL)
  • Code generation now remembers your preferences
  • Can now import query parameters from Url to query editor
  • Changed default request body type to none, and improved selection process
  • Dropdowns now scroll instead of being cut off if not enough room
  • Selected tab now remembered when changing requests
  • Can now delete your last workspace (will prompt to create a new one)
  • Show milliseconds when hovering over response time
  • Show bytes when hovering over response size
Thanks to all 0 contributors 🎉👏