Insomnia Core 3.2.0

This release brings cookie management, global environments, and code snippet generation.

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Major Changes

  • Can now create global environments! (folder environments will extend them)
  • Cookie management! View/create/update/delete those tasty cookies
  • Now generate code snippets for nodeJS, Java, Python, Go, and more!
  • Added new Cookies tab to response pane
  • Added network proxy setting (experimental)

Bug Fixes

  • Data export now exports properly (was broken before)
  • Fixed the key/value editor from resetting cursor while typing
  • Send-request keyboard shortcut no longer adds new key/value pairs

Minor Tweaks

  • Now prompt for name when creating new requests and folders
  • Now support Nunjucks templating in form data bodies
  • Focusing URL bar (cmd+L) now selects text all text
  • Minor style updates
  • Exported data now includes workspace information
  • Added ability to export only the current workspace
Thanks to all 0 contributors 🎉👏