Insomnia Changelog

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Insomnia v5.12.4

Version 5.12.4 is here!

  • Fix GraphQL autocomplete in nested blocks
  • Fix code generation when multipart/form-data present
  • Fix certain network requests hanging during DNS lookup
  • Support INSOMNIA_DISABLE_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES environment variable
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Insomnia v5.12.3

Version 5.12.3 is here!

  • Fix responses displaying as binary in last update
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Insomnia v5.12.1

Thanks to @lifewcody for helping debug large file downloads.
  • Less obtrusive update notification
  • Fix environments disappearing during workspace duplication and sync
  • Support for downloading huge files (over ~2GB)
  • Fixed HAWK algorithm selection
  • Fix environment editor not saving immediately after fixing an error
  • Minor fix for Postman import
  • Response timer always shows 1 decimal place (PR:617:k-nut)
  • Ability to specify auto-update channel
  • Ability to disable auto-updates
  • Moved database to the Electron main thread
  • Use Google analytics API directly (no more external JS!)
  • Faster storing of large response bodies
  • Provide a convenient save button when large response gets hidden
  • Disable request body linting over 1MB
  • Add import/export APIs to plugin system
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Insomnia v5.11.7 Release

Version 5.11.7 is here!

  • First-party support for viewing multipart responses
  • Accept header now overridable again
  • Support showing multiple response headers with the same name
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Insomnia v5.11.5 Release

Version 5.11.5 is here!

  • Fix bug where dragging a folder into itself would make it disappear
  • OAuth 2.0 requests now use same settings as current request
  • Environment editor now refreshes from sync change when it's open
  • Improvements to Curl importer
  • Add back default Accept header from v5.11.0 but not Accept-Encoding
  • New keyboard shortcut to delete active request
  • Prompt user to automatically change Content-Type when binary file is selected
  • Update documentation links to point to new support website
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Insomnia v5.11.0 Release

Version 5.11.0 is here!

  • OAuth 1.0 Support (PR:571:besolov)
  • Atlassian ASAP Auth Support (PR:566:gerrytan)
  • No longer require global npm to install plugins (included standalone Yarn)
  • Fix GraphQL autocompletion not working
  • Fix scroll jumping issue in key-value editors (headers, query, etc)
  • Fix Cmd+Enter conflict in Sublime keymap
  • Fix for raw cookie editor deleting cookies
  • Print Curl version in Timeline
  • Template tag editor no longer has delay when opening
  • Added debug logging to OAuth 2.0 flow
  • Support wildcards in port for client certificates
  • Use more unique temporary director name to avoid conflicts
  • No longer send default Accept and Accept-Encoding headers
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Insomnia v5.10.1 Release

Version 5.10.1 is here!

  • Ability to export workspace as HAR (PR:523:Atvaark)
  • Can now drag-n-drop files to import
  • Client certificates can now be made private (never synced)
  • GraphQL now sends operationName automatically
  • New template tags for hashing and reading files
  • Fixed cookies being deleted when editing (sometimes)
  • Closing environment editor too quickly no longer loses changes
  • Multipart handling works with large files again (above 2GB)
  • Other minor fixes
  • Minor tweaks to template tag editor
  • Keyboard shortcut to refresh all plugins
  • New plugin API methods to set request settings (eg. cookie send behavior)
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