Insomnia Changelog

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Insomnia v4.2.14 Release

Version 4.2.14 is here!

  • Add support for private environments which will not be exported or synced
  • Highlight Nunjucks variables in code editors
  • Render errors are now displayed again
  • Fixed deleted synced resources sometimes reappearing
  • Now show escaped unicode characters in response
  • Add LINK and UNLINK HTTP methods
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Insomnia v4.2.11 Release

Version 4.2.11 is here!

  • URLs in responses are now clickable
  • JSON pretty printing no longer parses as JavaScript (1.000 won't get rounded)
  • Dropdowns in sidebar and on the send button now trigger on right-click
  • Now support more than one level of recursive template variables
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Insomnia v4.2.9 Release

Version 4.2.9 is here!

  • Fixed network request DNS fallback logic in some cases
  • Minor bug fixes
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Insomnia v4.2.8 Release

Version 4.2.8 is here!

  • Fixed app crashing on first launch :(
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Insomnia v4.2.7 Release

Version 4.2.7 is here!

  • Added ability to auto-download response bodies to file
  • Fixed sidebar filtering for nested folders
  • Fixed binary file uploads missing Content-Length header
  • Fixed pasting Curl command into URL wouldn't update URL
  • Fixed code generation only operating on active request
  • Clicking Cancel Account after trial ends now signs out
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Insomnia v4.2.5 Release

Version 4.2.5 is here!

  • Fixed pasting inside of URL
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Insomnia v4.2.4 Release

Version 4.2.4 is here!

  • Fixed pasting into URL not persisting
  • Fixed webview background (again)
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Insomnia v4.2.3 Release

Version 4.2.3 is here!

  • No longer lose body data when switching formats when possible
  • Fixed memory leak for users with a lot of large request bodies
  • Fixed textarea padding in some menus
  • Minor performance improvements in some areas
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Insomnia v4.2.2 Release

Version 4.2.2 is here!

  • New editor key maps (Vim, Emacs, Sublime)
  • Fixed issue with recursive environment variables not resolving
  • Fixed webview background color not being white
  • Fixed label click region in settings menu
  • Workspaces now visible in request switcher
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Insomnia v4.2.0 Release

Color themes are here! Check out the Blog Post for more info.
  • Color Themes!
  • Fixed problems with editing cookies
  • Fixed bug with sidebar drag-n-drop
  • Minor URL encoding tweaks
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