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Path parameter tag

Version 1.0.3
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A template tag, that can be used inside URIs as path parameters.

uri preview with display name


Add the plugin to Insomnia by its name: "insomnia-plugin-path-parameter-tag".

Create/edit a request, and when you want a path parameter:

  • either press ctrl+space to insert the "Path parameter" tag
  • or type {% pathParam %}, which does the same.

Here's an example of a URI with the value of{% pathParam %}.
empty tag

Click on the tag to edit its Value and optionally Display name.
edit dialog

Only "Value" is required - this will be sent with the request. Here's the URI and CURL previews with the request above, and a value set:
uri preview curl preview

"Description" is not sent anywhere, and is there only for documentation purpose.

"Display name" is also not sent anywhere, but you can use it to configure the look of the tag in Insomnia UI.
uri preview with display name

Migration from :param style parameters

No automated way, but there's a workaround to quickly replace all of :param style parameters to use this tag instead - throughout all workspaces:

  1. Close Insomnia.
  2. Open {insomnia-config-directory}/insomnia.Request.db (see Insomnia docs on where the directory is).
  3. Do a regex replace: from (?<=/)(:\w+) to {% pathParam '$1', '', '', true %} (this replaces anything that looks like /:param to become /{% pathParam ':param', '', '', true %}.
  4. Save the file, open Insomnia.

Limiting this transformation to only one project would probably involve exporting the project, and doing the same on the export data only, then reimporting.