Introducing Insomnia Plus

Today, I'm proud to introduce Insomnia Plus – the first paid addition to Insomnia that syncs data seamlessly across all of your devices. Insomnia Plus also acts as a secure backup, so you can rest assured that you will never accidentally lose your work!

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With Plus, simply sign into your account and your data will be there. It just works. However, there a lot happening behind the scenes, such as end-to-end data encryption, smart conflict resolution, and robust offline support.

Upgrade to Insomnia Plus

Always Backed up and in Sync

We all know how important it is to keep frequent backups of our data. Hard drive failures and crashes happen all the time. Now, you have one less thing to worry about.

Insomnia Plus Sync Menu

Once signed in to Plus, data is automatically synced whenever a change is detected. And, if you are signed in to multiple devices, these changes will automatically be pulled down and merged within seconds. Furthermore, this all happens in an encrypted and secure manner.

Secure and Private by Default

Before any data is synced to Insomnia's servers, it is first encrypted locally using a key generated on your device. This means that any sensitive information you enter into the app (API keys, passwords, etc) will be kept private. Not even the Insomnia servers have the ability to read your data.

Check out the Security Overview to find more on the Insomnia Plus architecture.

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Final Words

Building the initial iteration of sync was a major effort, but it's just the first step. Now, with a stable and secure foundation to build on, expect to see more advanced features like team collaboration and versioning in the near future.

If you decide to sign up for Plus, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU for helping support my continuous effort of making Insomnia awesome! Also, be sure to reach out with your thoughts, so we can work together to ensure the product keeps heading in the right direction.

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