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OAuth 1.0 Support is Here!

Starting with v5.11.0 , Insomnia users can now authenticate using the OAuth 1.0 authentication framework! OAuth 1.0 support was an extremely popular request so I'm proud to finally announce that it's finished. In fact, it was the most…

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Introducing GraphQL Support!

Starting in version 5.7.0 , you can now interact with a GraphQL server just the same as any other HTTP request inside Insomnia 🤗! Along with defining and sending queries, the GraphQL integration also provides the following benefits…

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Response Previews for PDFs

Insomnia tries to display HTTP responses in the most friendly way possible. For example, HTML files are rendered as web pages, images and SVGs are displayed as bitmaps, and JSON and XML responses are syntax highlighted and interactive. Now…

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Introducing Color Themes!

Superb design has always been treated as a core feature of Insomnia. However, I recently noticed that no design-related work had been done on Insomnia in months. Because of this, I decided to spend a few days and implement a new design…

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