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Official Ubuntu PPA

Starting with version 5.12.3, Insomnia can now be installed through an official PPA on Ubuntu-based operating systems. Follow these simple instructions to add the repository and install the app.

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New Documentation Website

I'm happy to announce that there is a brand new Documentation Website for Insomnia! The new site is built using HelpScout Knowledge Base, which was chosen for two reasons. (1) Insomnia was already using HelpScout to manage support…

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Insomnia Is Now Open Source

Today, I'm happy to announce that the Insomnia desktop app is now open source software under the GPLv3 license! The source code is hosted on GitHub for your viewing pleasure. Journey to Open Source I launched Insomnia more than two…

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Introducing Color Themes!

Superb design has always been treated as a core feature of Insomnia. However, I recently noticed that no design-related work had been done on Insomnia in months. Because of this, I decided to spend a few days and implement a new design…

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Introducing Insomnia Plus

Today, I'm proud to introduce Insomnia Plus – the first paid addition to Insomnia that syncs data seamlessly across all of your devices. Insomnia Plus also acts as a secure backup, so you can rest assured that you will never…

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