Insomnia Core 5.16.0

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Major Changes

  • Insomnia now available as a Snap package (Linux)!
  • Autocomplete support in GraphQL variables editor
  • Support HMAC-SHA256 for OAuth 1.0
  • Linux builds now include statically linked libcurl (removes libcurl3 dependency)
  • Response hooks can now access the request API context

Bug Fixes

  • Handle charsets correctly in webview preview
  • Fix unsupported charset decoding failures
  • Fix parameter replacement in Swagger imports (#861 by avdv)
  • Header tab now refreshes properly after switching content-type
  • Response audio viewer no longer shows stale response

Minor Tweaks

  • Reloading plugins now traverses all files in plugin's directory
  • Add ability for {% prompt %} tag to cache values in memory
  • Add application/graphql and text/xml to content-type autocomplete
  • Mention Swagger support on import dialog (#863 by scop)
  • GraphQL schema now fetched whenever the request is modified
  • Change default interface font to use native OS fonts instead of Open Sans
  • No longer constrain height of URL preview on Query tab (#873 by j-collier)
  • Spelling fixes (#862 by scop)
  • Upgrade to Electron 1.8
Thanks to all 0 contributors 🎉👏