June Recap – A Roller Coaster

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If you were to ask me which month has felt the most like a roller coaster, it would have been June. Major community-developed features were released πŸ¦„, a blog post hit front page πŸ˜„ of Hacker News, Smashing Magazine tweeted about Insomnia πŸ€—, the first churn of Insomnia Teams happened 😀, and there were an annoyingly large increase of failed payments 😀. And, to top it all off, June's metrics look extremely sad due to the huge spike of traffic that happened in May 😳.

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Metrics Overview

This month's metrics are low across the board due to the spike of traffic the previous month. However, I'm surprised that the number of paid conversions is so low because the 14 day trials from the traffic spike should have started converting at the beginning of the month.

My theory for the lack of conversions is that, because the announcement was centered around free open source software, it was more likely to attract users who don't typically buy software. There's really no way to prove this, but I think the overall effect of more users is still a net win.

Metric Value This Month Change Reaction
Active App Users 33,995 +2% 😐
New App Users 13,349 -19% 😧
Monthly Recurring Revenue $925 +9% 😐
Recognized Revenue $1332 +8% 😐
New Trial Customers 415 -9% 😧
New Paying Customers 17 -39% 😐
Churned Customers 9 +80% 😧
Trial Conversion Rate 4% -33% 😐

As mentioned, June's metrics are lower compared to the huge increase in May. However, if you ignore May's spike, growth is still on a similar upward path as it has been.πŸ™‚

Daily Active Users

The first team churns happened in June, which was an unwelcome surprise. I reached out to both team accounts, but only one replied saying that they loved Insomnia, but no longer had a use for the application. I wish I were able to get feedback from the other team as well.

Such a large churn bummed me out for a few days, but I bounced back pretty quick! Money has never been much of a motivation, so I was quickly brought back into reality by all of the other awesome things that this project brings me (writing code, community, feedback, etc).

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Wrap Up

Well that's it for this month! Along with this, I will be publishing a 1-year recap before the end of the month, as June marked the 12th month since I've been working on Insomnia full-time.

I've also had some requests to add a few more metrics and to these posts. I'd like to keep the monthly recaps short and focused, but I might try to publish one-off posts to cover notable discoveries or insights that come up. Let me know if you have any ideas in the comments below.

This post is part of theΒ transparency series

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