March Recap – Calm Before the Storm

This post is part of the transparency series

As Insomnia slowly grows into a sustainable business it becomes more and more difficult to find things to put in these updates. I'm currently heads-down putting the finishing touches on a very major release so, instead of spending a day or two drafting and editing a recap, I'm choosing to keep this one short and focus on the release ahead. Don't worry, though. Next month's release will be jam-packed.

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March Metrics Overview

March's metrics are still growing, but at a slightly lower rate than usual.

Metric Value This Month Change Reaction
Active App Users 22,089 +20% 😊
New App Users 9,373 +19% 😊
Monthly Recurring Revenue $490 +52% 🙂
Recognized Revenue $640 +4% 😐
New Trial Customers 203 -10% 😧
New Paying Customers 22 +10% 🙂
Churned Customers 3 + ∞ % 😟
Trial Conversion Rate 11% +22% 🙂

The most notable thing here is that Insomnia had it's first real churn. This doesn't seem like a big deal yet, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it. I did try to reach out to the churned customers but failed to get a response from any, which is bothersome.

Over the last few months, user growth has slowly decreased from +30% to +20%. I would like to keep this number above 20% for as long as possible, so I'll be doing some extra PR this month to try and push it back up.

Insomnia Daily Active Users February 2017

Similar to user growth, revenue growth has also been declining steadily. This is expected, however, because revenue and user growth should be the same (+20%) if conversion rate remains constants.

Insomnia Monthly Recurring Revenue February 2017

Wrap Up

That's it for this month. As I mentioned earlier, this recap was intentionally short. I have some awesome things ready to release in a few days, so keep an eye out for that. There will definitely be a lot to talk about next month!

As always, let me know if you have any feedback or thoughts, and enjoy the app.

This post is part of the transparency series

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