November Recap

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November marked the one-year anniversary of the Insomnia Plus plan. I can't even believe it's only taken a year for Insomnia to grow from a side project into a healthy business. Every day still feels like a dream.

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Metrics Overview

It's amazing that growth numbers are still in the double-digits this late in the game. I thought for sure things would have started trending downwards by now.

Metric Value This Month Change
Active App Users 58,336 +22%
New App Users 17,396 -2%
Monthly Recurring Revenue $2713 +15%
Recognized Revenue $4375 +41%
New Trial Customers 554 -4%
New Paying Customers 47 +7%
Subscription Churn $59 -21%
Subscription Cancellations 12 0%

These numbers aren't 100% accurate, though. A change to analytics tracking caused some users to be double-counted near the end of the month, and three teams were deleted that were previously used for testing purposes. This means that the user spike near the end of the month is likely artificial and the MRR number should be around $200 higher. Thankfully, these errors shouldn't affect next month's numbers.

Daily Active Users

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Well that's it for November! I plan on taking some much-needed time off in December so enjoy the holidays and I'll see you next year!

P.S. I also plan on doing a year-end review in early January so if there's anything specific you want me to cover, leave a comment below or shoot me an email and I'll try to include it.

This post is part of the transparency series

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