July Recap – One Simple Trick Increased MRR 45%

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Well, another month has passed and Insomnia continues to grow πŸ“ˆ. Unfortunately, number of active users didn't budge, but MRR increased by a whopping 45% πŸ€‘! That's is the largest increase Insomnia has seen in a long time, and I attribute most of it to one simple trick: asking users to pay. Keep reading for more on this.

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Metrics Overview

Last month, the user base didn't grow at all. This would normally be worrying but, honestly, the huge increase in MRR takes away all the worry I might have of that. I'm hoping user growth will be back up to health levels next month.

Metric Value This Month Change Reaction
Active App Users 34,376 0% 😐
New App Users 12,044 -10% 😐
Monthly Recurring Revenue $1338 +45% πŸ€‘
Recognized Revenue $2352 +77% πŸ€‘
New Trial Customers 341 -18% 😐
New Paying Customers 34 +100% πŸ˜€
Churned Customers 2 -78% ☺️
Trial Conversion Rate 1% -75% ☺️

Even though total active users for the month didn't increase, weekly active users seemed to go up slightly. Here's what the trend looks like

Daily Active Users

I've mentioned this in previous recaps, but I've always had a hunch that a significant portion of early adopters were still unaware of Insomnia' paid plans (there were none in the early days). So, I finally did something to remind them. I added a simple push notification to prompt users to upgrade every 30 launches πŸ’¬.

Shortly after implementing the notification, I checked the stats and observed that many of July's new customers had launched the app over 100 times! My hypothesis was correct.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Now I'm left wondering what other money I've been leaving on the table.

This post is part of theΒ transparency series

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