Introducing Color Themes!

Superb design has always been treated as a core feature of Insomnia. However, I recently noticed that no design-related work had been done on Insomnia in months. Because of this, I decided to spend a few days and implement a new design-related feature. Themes!

There are now nine themes to choose from. Three basic and and six premium. Basic themes are available to everyone, while premium themes are available Insomnia Plus users.

Basic Themes

The idea of themes first started as a way to provide better visual accessibility to Insomnia users. The following Basic themes provide a higher-contrast experience for users who want or need it.

Insomnia Color Themes

Premium Themes

The following Premium themes are available to all Insomnia Plus users. I had a lot of fun creating these, and I hope to expand on this collection in the future.

Insomnia Premium Color Themes

For a closer look, here is a larger screenshot of the Material theme (my favourite).

Insomnia Material Design Theme

I hope you enjoy the new colors. Let me know if you have any suggestions for more!

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