Insomnia Plus Is Now in Beta

tl;dr visit the Insomnia Plus Beta Documentation

Four months ago I left my previous job to work full-time on Insomnia. Since then, I've had over 300 amazing conversations with users have helped identify bugs, given feedback, and suggested new features. Insomnia now has over 2000 daily active users across the Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.

These conversations have not only helped improve stability and usability of the app, but have also helped validate and shape the first features of Insomnia Plus – a premium add-on for Insomnia that enables powerful features like data sync and collaboration.

Data Sync

Data sync provides the ability to securely sync Insomnia data across multiple machines, which also acts as an up-to-date backup of all your data (in case something terrible happens).

While Insomnia is running, the app will actively sync data to and from the server whenever changes occur. On top of this, sync is end-to-end encrypted, meaning that all data is first encrypted in the app before sending it to the server.

Encryption Overview

Data is encrypted with a key that is derived from your account password (which is never sent to the server), meaning that Insomnia (or any third party) cannot read your data. Privacy is crucial for Insomnia users, because requests often contain important API keys, usernames, and passwords.

In case you're curious, or need more information, there will be a future article explaining encryption and security in more detail.

Team Collaboration

NOTE: Team collaboration is not yet available in the beta but is coming soon...

Automated sync can be useful for individual users, but the same workflow does not translate well to teams.

Imagine working in a code editor where every line of code you typed was immediately synced to all of your coworkers computers, and vice versa. It would be chaos! Because of this, Insomnia takes a different approach for teams, providing a a manual push/pull model similar to the version control system Git.

Join the Beta!

If you would like to help test Insomnia Plus, head over to the Getting Started Documentation to learn how to enable it.

As always, please send all feedback my way.

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