Insomnia 4.0 – Out of Beta at Last!

Version 4 brings multipart support, response history, performance, and more!

The number 3 just wasn't big enough to contain all the awesome stuff in this release, so it's been bumped to 4.0! This version fills in all of the major usability gaps that I've noticed from talking to over 400 users since the initial beta launch over four months ago. Keep reading to see what's new.

Puppy Surprise

Multipart Form Data and Binary File Support

The ability to send multipart form data with requests has been the most requested feature since launch (by far). You can now change the body type to Form Data or to start using it.

Insomnia Multipart Form Data

You can also now send raw files with requests. This can be useful for images and attachments, but it's also helpful for sending large JSON or XML bodies instead of pasting them into the body editor.

Insomnia Binary Files

History Viewer

Every request now keeps track of it's past responses so you can go back later and see exactly what happened.

Insomnia Response History

Client Certificates

Client certificates can now be used to authenticate requests. Import your own PFX, PKCS12, or PEM certificates into the workspace settings screen and Insomnia will automatically send these for the specified host.

Insomnia Client Certificates

More Import Formats

Getting data into Insomnia has been a pain point for a lot of users, and has prevented some from from even trying the app.

To help alleviate this pain, Insomnia 4 now supports Postman (v2), HTTP Archive (HAR), and Curl command import formats. And, if your format still isn't supported, you can help add your own importer by contributing to the importers project on GitHub.

HAR support means that you can now export requests from the Chrome developer tools right into Insomnia.

Insomnia HAR Export

Advanced Sending Options

Holding down Ctrl (Cmd on Mac), will now reveal extra sending options, including the ability to send a request after a delay or on a set interval.

Insomnia Advanced Sending

Toggleable Everything!

Query parameters, headers, form data, authentication, and client certificates can now be toggled on or off. Toggling something off will behave the same as if it was deleted entirely.

Performance Improvements

This release includes performance improvements to the interface. Everything you do in the app should now be noticeably faster, especially if you have a lot of requests. Enjoy!


Thanks for The Support!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. It's been amazing to be able to interact with so many of you, and I hope we can keep this going. Each conversation provides more context to help make Insomnia a better tool for everyone, so thanks!

~ Gregory

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