Cookie Management, Global Environments, and Code Generation

Only a week has gone by since the last update, but a lot has changed. This release introduces three brand new features – cookie management, global environment variables, and code snippet generation!

Cookie Management

The ability to manage cookies has been the most requested feature (by far) of the beta, so I'm pleased to announce that you can now do it!

Insomnia REST Client Cookie Management

Easily view and manage cookies in a simple yet powerful interface. Cookies are automatically stored and sent with every request, just as you would expect. cookies.png There is a new button at the top of the sidebar to open the cookie manager. You can also now view cookies sent back in a response by clicking on the cookies tab.

Global Environments

The previous version of Insomnia already had the ability to define environment variables, but it was at the folder level. Now you can define environments globally (workspace level) and even create sub-environments that you can quickly switch between. environments.png You can access the environment manager by clicking the new dropdown at the top of the sidebar.

Insomnia REST Client Global Environments

Code Snippet Generation

You can now automatically generate code snippets for over thirty different languages and libraries, including NodeJS, Go, Swift, Python, Java, and C. Access it by clicking the dropdown next to the request in the sidebar. code.png

Insomnia REST Client Code Snippet Generation

Wrap Up

A lot has changed in this latest release, so be sure to reply to this email with your questions/comments/complaints. And, as always, thanks for being part of the beta!

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