GraphQL Explorer

Starting in version 6.6.2, it is now possible to browse documentation for GraphQL APIs without leaving Insomnia! 🤗🔥

GraphQL explorer demo using GatsbyJS API

Since adding GraphQL support two years ago, Insomnia has become one of the go-to tools for interacting with GraphQL. This, combined with its already existing ability to interact with a broad set of HTTP-based APIs, make it a nice alternative to more popular GraphQL-only tools such as GraphiQL*.

*Thanks to the GraphiQL project for providing a GraphQL CodeMirror plugin for autocomplete and linting! 🤗💜

How it Works

The great thing about using Insomnia with GraphQL is that it automatically fetches a schema based on the current endpoint. Always having a local copy of the schema allows features like linting, autocomplete, and inline documentation to exist. The documentation explorer is no different.

The same schema is used as a references to dynamically build a visual representation of all the types, fields, and arguments you may want to use in a query, even rendering Markdown descriptions when necessary.

Three Ways to Show Documentation

There are three ways to show the documentation pane.

  1. Click "Show Documentation" in the Schema dropdown near the query
  2. Hover over a field and click within the popup documentation
  3. Control-click (command on Mac) a field within a query

Moving Forward

This feature is by no means complete. If you have any suggestions, comments, or bug reports, please open an issue on the Insomnia GitHub Repo.

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